Corporate Vision

What we see in the future

  • To be one of the best companies in the electronics industry in Indonesia in terms of profitability, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction through the creative and innovative work of all competent employees
  • Yifang will also be equipped with test equipment facilities and other supporting devices as a form of investment and technology transfer from Chinese investors to maintain quality and support the speed of production in the future

Corporate Mission

Our values, beliefs, and norms

  • Satisfying Consumers By providing Electronic products : Mobile Phones, Feature Phones, Accessories and Other electronics with excellent quality.
  • Increase sales targets in accordance with company policies that have been mandated to be able to increase the level of Employee life and Employee Welfare.
  • Forming and forging employees to grow together and develop their potential in order to achieve targets as much as possible for the progress of the Company.
  • Increase added value for Shareholders by implementing good Business Ethics and Corporate Management.